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Stephica travels between Seattle, New York, her past and her future.


My alive stems from every inch of my life
and always seems to hit me all at once
as I ride across the Aurora in an Orange cab
the glow of morning seeps up through the atmosphere

ink in rewind
ink in rewind

stars light stays constant in relation
to our relatively fixed position
if time is the ghost of space
like skimming rocks on water
I'm gliding from place to place

it's all left behind
it's all left behind

I'm shifting from entrance to exit
I'm shifting from exit to entrance

Out the Brooklyn
In the Manhattan
lead me back onto the island
the beauty of the beast
breathes deeply
defenseless and exhaust
from traveling miles

yet I smile
yet I smile


from sadpandabites, released May 5, 2005
vocals, lyrics, melodies, arrangement & artwork by *stephica
beats and instrumentation by loupal



all rights reserved


sadpanda Seattle, Washington

heartbreak. teen angst. romance. truth. lies. the present moment. strength. peace. a good buzz. art. mirrors. age.

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